Applying Semi Permanent Lipstick

Applying Semi Permanent Lipstick

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Many women wear lipstick on a daily basis. The problem that many women tend to have with a normal lipstick, however, is the tendency for lipstick to wear off quickly during the course of the day. There are lipsticks that are known not to smudge or fade. In general, they all begin to do so before the day is over. But some last longer than others. Semi-permanent lipstick is a good alternative to this problem. These lipsticks will not wear out during the course of the day. In fact, many of these semi-permanent lipsticks will last into the next day as well.

For most people, using semi-permanent lipstick means wearing a lipstick that will not fade, smudge, or smear for at least four hours. Some women will even be able to see the benefits of this lipstick for even longer. As long as the lipstick is applied to lips that are clean and dry, one can expect long lasting effects. One single tube of semi-permanent lipstick will last anywhere from three to four months, depending on the frequency of use. Those who only use lipstick for special occasions will see a tube last even longer.

When using semi-permanent lipstick, a woman is encouraged to apply three layers for the best effects. The color in the lipstick will adhere directly to the lips on a molecular level making it longer lasting. Three layers are encouraged because the pH level of the skin will begin to degrade the lipstick even though it is semi-permanent. Having the extra layers will allow the color to last even longer since the layers will be dissolved from the bottom upwards. The 3rd layer will help to protect the second layer from the effects of the air which makes the middle layer the longest lasting.

Women can experiment with even more layers if the three layers do not last long enough. The pH levels of each individual woman can vary, so more layers may be needed. In contrast, the different colors of lipstick can also affect whether or not additional layers may be needed. Especially with darker colors, any layers over three may cause the lipstick to begin to peel off. Other colors that are thinner may require more layers for a better color tone.

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