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Body Wash The SeneDerm® with SenePlex® BodyWash is a gentle but rich, cleansing foaming gel that moisturizes the entire body. While traditional soaps can dry and crack the skin, the BodyWash conditions and restores pH balance.

Science Behind Anti Aging Body Care SeneGence® Gentle but thorough cleansing lets you wash frequently without over drying or stripping.

SeneDerm Body Wash is made of an Aloe Vera juice base for soothing skin and a molecule that has, on one end, an oil molecule to attract and bind to the oil base impurities. The other end of the same molecule has a liquid molecule to mix and bind to water.

Once applied, the molecule binds to impurities with one end and water lifts (water attracts water) and washes away the entire cleansing molecule removing the oil based impurities that attached to one end of the molecule; in doing so, SeneDerm Body Wash cleansing without using harsh detergents.



1 - Body Wash
1 - Body Scrub
1 - Shea Butter Body Cream
1 - Body Poof

Pamper yourself with luxurious Anti Aging Body Care SeneGence® provides. Shea Butter, the best moisturizer money can buy and other proprietary ingredients make you feel beautiful all over. Imagine silky smooth skin all over your body. Pamper yourself with SeneGence® Body Care.

The same folks who invented LipSense, famous lip color to the stars have outdone themselves with anti aging body care. Exfoliating body scrub made with volcanic ash from the exotic island of Vanuatu will gently scrub your skin, removing unwanted skin. Following with the luxurious Body Wash. The Body Wash is a rich, gentle, foaming gel that cleanses the entire body. After you exfoliate and cleanse, treat yourself to the silkiness of the best moisturizer money can buy:

Shea Butter Body Cream. Then for soft hands and feet, apply more Shea Butter with the Body Lotion; an excellent finishing touch. You deserve the best. Treat yourself today!

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