Vanuatu Story

Vanauatu Story

SeneGence® traveled to the other side of the world to find different ingredients than those available in the US. The problem is that here, cosmetic companies continuously use the same ingredients from one company and product to the next – just in varying amounts. This is where SeneGence® is unique: We are on the cutting edge of anti-aging and long-lasting color technology with original, patented proprietary formulations of cosmetics and skin care. Beauty meets technology and skin care. It’s about healthy and natural products; cosmetics that are actually good for your skin! SeneGence® is committed to producing exclusive high-quality performance products that truly live up to their claims and we believe, exceed your expectations.

Launching our premier product, LipSense®, in 1999, was only the beginning of an amazing and extraordinary product line. Since humble beginnings with only six shades of long-lasting Lip Color, SeneGence® has expanded the line into skin care (SeneDerm® anti-aging skin care system), and a complete array of cosmetics that look beautiful and last beautifully. Don’t even think about reapplying because SenseCosmetics™ by SeneGence® will last as long as your day.

While you enjoy the look and feel of wearing your SenseCosmetics™, your skin is actually improving – the results are scientifically proven and independent lab test verified. Our products can give your skin the benefit of increased firmness, elasticity, moisture, hydration, overall cellular renewal and luminosity. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

No matter your skin type or skin issues, SeneGence® has you covered. When science meets beauty, the results are astounding, and guaranteed. Your skin will be beautiful, and last beautifully. SeneGence® means to you, long-lasting colors combined with anti-aging technologies – that really work. Click here for more information – don’t wait – your skin will thank you.

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