Climate Control


Think of it as moisture in the purest of forms - so small molecularly, it provides the deepest and most effective hydration to your skin.

Use before applying Daytime or Evening Moisturizers for the greatest benefit. Climate Control is unique because of its dual delivery system, which keeps the two key ingredients (SenePlex® and SelPlex™), inactive and separated into two parts until shaken and combined.

SelPlex™ is a blend of specifically selected herbal oil extracts, mixed vitamins and tocopherols that soothe the skin. SelPlex evenly delivers the purest of essential oils without emulsifiers (that can dilute the actives) into the deepest layers of the skin.

Combined with SenePlex®, the anti-aging and moisturizing properties are enhanced.


Please read the product science below.


Climate Control Moisturizer with SelPlex™ has 4 different technologies within the product. It contains SenePlex™, SelPlex™ and an additional complex made of natural, compounded oils.

The delivery system is also unique to SeneGence®, and we call that the DualSense™ technology which is the separation process (2 distinct layers)

Which needs a vigorous shaking to combine it together for purposes of product activation. DualSense™ Delivery System - The delivery method of DualSense™ is unique in that the two main bodies of delivery technologies remain separated until thoroughly mixed.

SenePlex™ Complex is the clear top layer and SelPlex™ Complex is the bottom blue layer.

The complexes are separated to avoid the activation of the active ingredients. By separating the actives and not activating them until shaken, you deliver fresh actives to the skin, once shaken. SelPlex™ Complex helps with the repair of cellular walls and helps to deliver the anti-aging ingredients deeper into your skin.

It contains various humectants which help skin to attract moisture from the atmosphere and preserve that moisture, into the deeper layers of the skin. SenePlex™ Complex is the mechanism that speeds up the cellular renewal process. Producing cells faster is the fundamental process that will produce plumper, firmer, and better looking luminous skin. Climate Control Moisturizer with SelPlex™ will normalize and balance moisture in your skin. For best results, use after cleansing and before moisturizing. Excellent for treating those summertime sunburns.

What causes dry skin?

Lack of proper body moisture is the most common causes of dry skin. Under normal circumstances, healthy skin has space between the cells and through this space runs natural body moisture. The cells of dry skin are actually touching and rubbing against one another.

There is no space between the cells for moisture to filter through. The oil complex contained within Climate Control wedges itself, along with the moisture and SenePlex® Complex, between the cells and delivers a “tributary of fresh moisture.” Climate Control helps to maintain proper moisture content of the skin, eliminating dry skin conditions.

What is Sensitive Skin?

Lack of proper body moisture is the most common causes of sensitive skin. The sensitivity comes from the scratching and tearing of the cellular walls which creates itching and heat and can manifest itself by the appearance of different types of rashes.

By the time the cells grow to the surface of the skin, it appears inflamed because this movement creates a chemical reaction producing heat, turning the skin red. Climate Control helps to maintain proper moisture content of the skin, eliminating sensitive skin conditions.

How do we achieve healthy skin?

Skin cells grow from the bottom, up to the surface. During this process there is activity and movement, because there is growth. Healthy skin cells are buffered from one another (and from tear and damage) by surrounding themselves with protective layers of moisture. Climate Control helps to maintain proper moisture content of the skin, eliminating tearing and damage.

Climate Control Moisturizer with SelPlex™, wedges itself between the cellular walls. The moisture is then delivered and the moisture carries the SenePlex™ Complex which will restore and maintain the proper moisture content, in turn accelerating the cellular renewal process.

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