Face Makeup


We can show you how to achieve healthy and natural beauty using divabeautyproducts. Starting with our Lipsense® lipcolor and continuing with our newest eyeliner, LipsDiva can help you look and feel completely radiant. While you are still totally yourself.

Face make up can be confusing. If you Don’t know how to apply face make up then sometimes you might make yourself look really bad when you wear it. It is also important to pick the right color. So, we are here with our beauty products to show you how to wear face make up:

  • In order to wear face make up the right way, you need to start with a clean face. Next apply your moisturizer. The perfect moisturizer is water based and not oily. Continue from the face and  include your neck area when applying the moisturizer. Now that face is prepared for make up, pick a foundation color.  Make sure it is one that is close to your skin color.  Once you have the right color, apply it to your face.  Blend it into the skin at the hair line and chin. There is nothing worse than seeing a make-up line!
  • Continue to the eyes and  apply eyeliner on the top and bottom, and then smear it on the top so that it blends in. Next cover it with a light eye shadow. Your eyes will sparkle and look great

Make Sure you add the mascara!

  • After the eyeliner and eye shadow,  use eyelash mascara and apply one coat on top and bottom eyelashes. Wait and let it dry and then apply a second coat.
  • Finally, we are ready for the lips.  Using a lip liner will improve the shape of your lips.  Once you outline your lips, use the lipcolor to cover the liner. In order to seal the Lipsense, wait until the first coat dries.  Then you can apply a second and third coat.  Three coats is best for maximum staying power.  Finish off with a little dusting of translucent powder and a second coat of LipSense.

It is all in the finishing touches

If you Don’t know how to do face make up properly, then even the most creative finished effect will look brash than beautiful. But if you spend time in front of the mirror practicing the methods that we have mentioned above about how to do face make up then you will soon  have perfect make up every day!

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