Lasting Permanent Lipstick



Long lasting lip stick is important. First and foremost, let us dispel the notion of getting lipstick tattooed on your face. No matter how great you think a particular shade is you will eventually outgrow it and not want it anymore. So when we are referring to permanent lipstick we mean the kind that stays on until you take it off.

If you want good permanent lipstick you'll want to select a shade that is appropriate for both daytime and evening. If you are going to reapply it after work then you can pick a second shade as well.

Picking the right permanent lipstick is not as difficult as you think. Most women start off by trying many different shades of traditional (non-permanent) lipstick to find the shade or shades that work best for them. You want to consider your wardrobe and what colors look best on you.

The best advice is to go to a high-end store that has a make-up counter when they are advertising free makeovers and consultations. Have a professional makeup artist tell you what shades look best on you and ask them what shades of lipstick would be best and specifically ask them what shades would go well from day to evening.

Don’t buy permanent lipstick at a makeup counter. You will pay way too much. Get off the makeup counter line and go online. Online retailers like are able to provide you with much better prices. Once you are online you can choose shades of long lasting lip color and be well on your way to beautiful lips day and night.

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