Permanent Cosmetic Products



Ladies, let’s face it: we all want to look our best but none of us want to spend hours in front a mirror every day applying and reapplying our makeup. How many times do you put on your lipstick or eye makeup? Enough is enough. Thankfully there are permanent makeup options that can help us save time and money while looking great.

OK, let’s let the cat out of the bag. When someone refers to permanent cosmetic--> options they are not referring to tattooing. No matter how much you like a shade of lipstick there is no way you'll still like it 10 years from now. When we say real permanent cosmetic options we mean the type of makeup that stays on until you take it off.

That doesn’t mean your lipstick coming off on a napkin or a glass. It also doesn’t mean eye makeup that comes off because we cry a little. I mean permanent cosmetic products that stay on until you intend on taking them off.

Finally, you can put on long lasting eye products once and it stays on and looks great until you want to take it off. No more fast dashes to the bathroom to freshen up your face. No more putting on lipstick in rearview mirrors or using knives in a restaurant to get your reflection.

Online retailers offer makeup at better prices and usually a better selection. When you are ready for some permanent cosmetic choices there is only one place to

Cosmetics can either make you look good or bad.  If your cosmetics aren’t staying on properly your face can look a real mess.  Thankfully you have these great SeneGence® cosmetics to keep you looking beautiful until you take them off at the end of the day.

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