Permanent Lipstick That Really Works


Reapplying lipstick all day long can be a task. Women are always looking for a good permanent lipstick. Permanent lipstick is sometimes the opposite though and wears off after a few minutes. There is nothing permanent about it.

A good permanent lipstick will last between four and twelve hours. The permanent lipstick won’t budge or rub off. Most importantly the permanent lipstick won’t come off on your coffee cup or soda can. Permanent lipstick won’t kiss off either.

Permanent lipstick should come in a variety of colors. Many permanent lipstick shades are few and far between. A company will manufacture a permanent lipstick, but only make three shades. A smart company will make a great permanent lipstick that comes in many shades. The permanent lipstick should have shades for those that are fair complexioned or dark skinned. Whatever your color, you should be able to pick out a permanent lipstick for you.

Permanent lipstick does not have to be so expensive either. A good price for a permanent lipstick can be found though. There are companies out there looking out for women's best interest and pocketbook. A good tube permanent lipstick should last at least four months, so paying twenty dollars for a tube is well worth it.

In order for a permanent lipstick to work its best, your lips should be clean and dry when applying the permanent lipstick. It should also be applied in three layers. Permanent lipstick lasts longer this way because the first layer binds to the skin whole the other layers lay on top of it. The top layer of quality permanent lipstick will set the color and you are ready to go for the day.

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