Semi Permanent Lipstick


Each day, millions of women around the world apply their makeup before starting their day. Many women absolutely refuse to leave home before their makeup is well in place. The time spent on this task can add up. Makeup also has a tendency to wear off over the course of the day, requiring various reapplications. Semi-permanent lipstick saves the time and trouble of reapplication.

Lipstick is one of the more frequently worn types of makeup. But simply eating or drinking can instantly wear off lipstick. In this scenario a reapplication is in order. If a woman begins using semi-permanent lipstick instead of a regular brand, the woman will greatly reduce the amount of time that she spends reapplying throughout the day.

Semi-permanent lipsticks are different from regular lipsticks in their endurance. Semi-permanent lipstick can be applied once and last for over a day. It can be removed at night with other makeup or can be left alone to last through the morning. Semi-permanent lipstick is made with chemicals that bond with the skin.

When using semi-permanent lipstick, other items are helpful. For this reason, many of the semi-permanent lipsticks are available in kits giving women all of the items they will need. In addition to the lip colors, special glosses can be included in these kits. This lip gloss will help to enhance the color of the lipstick as well as give the lips more moisture. The third part of the semi-permanent lipstick kit is the remover. Since the color is semi-permanent and more difficult to remove, having this special remover is necessary for removing any spots of color that land in places other than the lips. Once the color is applied, it will not smudge, fade, or rub off.

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