Semi Permanent Lipstick



Semi permanent lipstick is a type of lipstick that stays on the lips for long periods of time. The lipstick is long lasting so that it can last anywhere from 4 hours to 18 hours. Different from permanent makeup, semi permanent lipstick does not require any surgical procedure. It is applied daily just as normal lipstick is applied.

Semi permanent lipstick has many advantages over typical lipstick. Semi permanent lipstick won’t smudge or come off when eating or drinking. It stays put and doesn’t come off on glassware making unsightly marks. Semi permanent lipstick is also smear proof so that it doesn’t rub off on clothing. It is kiss-proof as well so that you Don’t need to worry that your lipstick will come off on your partner's lips or cheeks.

Quality semi permanent lipstick is also waterproof. Unlike normal lipstick that comes off or smears when exposed to water, this lipstick stays on even during long water exposure such as swimming. It also won’t feather, as some lipstick tends to do. Feathering is where the lipstick runs into the tiny cracks around the lips. When lipstick feathers it shows small lines and wrinkles around the mouth making it look unsightly.

Semi permanent lipstick is easily applied at home. You do not need to have the lipstick applied by a makeup technician. All you need is a mirror to apply beneficial semi permanent lipstick and make it look professional. If you make any mistakes you can easily remove the unwanted lipstick with a special makeup remover. Semi permanent lipstick lasts most people from 4 to 12 hours with one tube lasting 3 months or more. Best of all, it comes in a wide variety of colors. For more information and to see the lipstick colors available visit

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