Semi Permanent Makeup


Daily makeup use can be tedious. In the case of using regular brand makeup it typically includes an initial application and reapplications throughout the day. Ridding yourself of the burden of applying and reapplying several times throughout the day would be time-saving and convenient.

In some cases, women use tattooing to provide permanent color. This removes the need for daily application of makeup on tattooed areas. The pitfall to this method, however, is that you cannot change the colors of your makeup to match your outfit or your mood. You will be permanently stuck with the color combination that you have permanently tattooed to your face. This is a reason why many are choosing to use semi-permanent makeup. Those wearing it can alter the colors yet do not have to deal with the hassle of constant reapplication.

Semi-permanent make up is made with special ingredients that molecularly bond with skin in order to last longer. Women who use semi-permanent makeup will need to also purchase a special makeup remover both to be able to remove the makeup at the end of the day if desired and also to remove any makeup that is mistakenly is placed. Some women will choose not to remove the makeup each night so that their makeup can last through the morning. The length of time that the makeup lasts varies on layers applied, conditions of the skin before application (if it is clean and dry the makeup will last longer) and skin types.

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